Wash, Cut & Dry; The Ultimate Experience

As a spa, we know that our spa experience must be better than all others. We realize that you can go anywhere you want to and get a decent haircut. Some places offer to wash, cut, and dry your hair. Each service that they provide will cost you a little more, but they promise to use the best shampoos that you will ever have put into your hair. In some cases, they may succeed, but we offer much more when we tell you about our services. We are the one place you can get the ultimate experience from a wash, cut, and dry salon.

About Our Salon

TowelsOur spa experience is better than anything you have ever experienced before. It is a way for you to totally enjoy being pampered by professionals. Any service that you could want can be found within our doors. If you want a haircut and style, the experience will be better than any other salon experiences you have ever had. This is because our salon strives to be more than a salon without charging you a small fortune to enjoy total luxury and relaxation. It is there simply so that you can be pampered and walk out truly looking like a new woman and our hope is that it mirrors the way you feel as well.

How We Provide More

SalonChairThink about past salon and spa experiences you have had. You get the massages and the masks, you get the haircuts and styles. You get to relax and perhaps make a new friend or two. In our spa, we want you to have only the best of all things. You will never have to feel that you were jipped out of something that could have been better. We offer only the best of all things in the spa and we do not stop with having good equipment or people. It starts with our employees who are willing to pamper you and it continues through every part of your time with us. We use only the latest and greatest technology based items that we can find. We choose only the things that people have proven are better than all other types of the same equipment. For instance, our tables are more comfortable, our chairs are plusher, our shower heads are only the best rain shower head that money can buy, and more.

Why We Do So Much

WashSoakRelaxPeople live a busy life and we understand that to impress people, you have to give them more than they have ever imagined wanting. We feel that a spa experience, whether you are getting your hair cut and styled or just wanting a pedicure, should be all about the person, not the things they are having done. We provide the best of all things so that when you walk in, you know that you can kick off your shoes and enjoy your time with us. Then, when you leave us, you will start planning ahead so that you can return and experience all that we have to give. That is why we say that our wash, cut, and dry is the ultimate experience.