Parent Friendly Salon

ShinyHairAs parents ourselves, we know that parenting is a full-time job, especially when you have a newborn. We also remember what it was like to wake up the day after delivery and wonder what has happened to your body. As time progresses and you begin to lose more and more of the hormones that your body needed during pregnancy, it can take a toll on your hair. It loses the shine and it loses the body that it had while you were carrying your little one. You may look in the mirror and decide it is another ponytail day because you feel as though you have no other option. We are here to provide parents with a reason to remove their ponytail. Just take a look at what our parent-friendly salon can do for you and how you feel about your post-baby hairdo.

Our Services

We provide women with what they need the most. We are able to style your hair the way you want for it to look for all of those newborn baby pictures you will most likely end up in. we are able to style it, color it, trim it, and cut it depending on your personal preferences. We can remove the dead ends or cut it so that your little one’s fingers will not get tangled in it. We are here for the parents, the new moms and dads. However, we would also like to become an extended part of your family so that we can watch your little one grow. That is why we invite you to bring along your baby when you come visit us for a little TLC.

Let Us Take Care of You

KidsRoomAs a new mommy, we know that you are spending more time taking care of your newborn than you are of yourself. We want for that to change, at least for an afternoon. Therefore, when you visit us, we have a safe place available for both you and your little one. We have a small, but fully functional nursery set up so that your little one can sleep while we are giving you a hairstyle that you will love. We use a mini crib mattress that is safe for small children. There is someone in the nursery to care for your little one if they wake up. This enables parents to relax and when you leave us, you will feel like a whole new woman. You will be ready to take on the day ahead and look more like yourself while doing it.

Why We Do So Much

We feel that every woman should feel like a woman and we know that being a new mom is not easy. It does not matter whether it is your first child or your third, the newborn days will take a toll on every part of you. We want to give back the woman that you are so that you can feel better while being a mom. We do it because we feel that you deserve to have people look at you the way they look at your little one. We do it because we care about mommies and their babies.